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Every teacher has those moments, when the learning curve seems too steep, the workload feels too intense, and the faculty room coffee is too weak. But then there’s the moment when they open this book, and smile. Author Carol Pelletier Radford, a mentoring expert, has collected words of wisdom from experienced teachers across the country to help newer teachers thrive. She asked each of them, what is something you wished you knew when you were starting out as a teacher? The responses range from practical classroom management tips to reminders for self-care, and Radford has arranged them into weekly readings that provide advice from a chorus of seasoned educators to help those new to the profession thrive. Click to purchase from Corwin.

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“Carol Radford is a teacher’s teacher- one who cares for the caregivers. Full of real-life stories, practical tools, evocative art, and links to podcasts, the book does exactly what its title suggests: shines a light of affirmation and guidance on a noble profession.” Parker J. Palmer, Author of The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak, On the Brink of Everything.

It takes courage, positivity, and passion to thrive as a teacher. This vivid and
inspirational guide offers educators practical wisdom and strategies to promote
their well-being and balance.

Carol Pelletier Radford shares ten important lessons she has learned in a long career
as an educator that can help you build a fulfilling and lifelong career in education.

Listen to messages about the ten lessons, stories read by the author, and inspiring interviews with teachers and leaders.
Teaching with Light Podcast Episodes

WATCH these short videos to learn more about each lesson.

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Corwin Best Seller List with over 5,000 copies sold! Newly revised and updated, the 2nd edition of Mentoring in Action emphasizes a unique approach: mindful mentoring that aligns your mentoring conversations to teaching standards to more systematically prepare novice teachers for their teacher evaluation.

In this book you’ll learn the importance of teacher leadership and how students’ voices can influence teacher effectiveness. Guiding principles, qualities of effective mentors, and how to lead a purposeful mentoring conversation provide you with useful resources to enhance your mentoring skills. Timesaving meeting templates will ensure that mentoring happens authentically and often.

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Complimentary mini-course for mentors!  LINK

Complimentary Cross-Walk with Novice Teacher Book. LINK

Use this key to color code your MIA book to the Massachusetts Standards.LINK

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The second edition of the The First Years Matter book.

This book is designed for new teachers to serve as a documentation and reflection of their first year of teaching. The idea for the book came from teacher mentors using the author’s book Mentoring in Action.The First Years Matters: Being Mentored…In Action provides new teachers with a practical guide to use throughout their mentoring experience as well as for self-reflection.

Districts can order books in bulk from Corwin and receive a discount.

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Complimentary Cross-Walk with Mentor Teacher Book. LINK

Use this key to color code your FYM book to the Massachusetts Standards. LINK

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This guide will support you in thinking ahead as you prepare for a mentoring meeting and help you to “think on your feet,” offering you practical ideas and conversation starters.

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Mindful Mentoring is a practical resource for mentors and mentees to use individually or together. By using values to organize this guide, we create a common language to focus on the deeper meaning and purpose of mentoring. This mindful mentoring guide can be used to enhance your experience, regardless of your profession. This guide is intentionally organized into three parts: -Part 1: How Do We Build a Trusting Relationship? -Part 2: What Do We Talk About? Mindful Mentoring Conversations -Part 3: How Do We Complete Our Process? This practical guide includes colorful artwork, reflective prompts, and affirmations for both mentors and mentees.

LISTEN to the author of Mindful Living share ways to live more mindfully in these short monthly podcasts. link

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The purpose of this mindfulness journal is to offer you a place to reflect on what is most important in your life. The monthly themes, affirmations, and mindful living actions will reveal your innermost dreams. Use this full-color journal as a workbook for enhancing your self-care and wellness.

LISTEN to the author of Mindful Mentoring share insights about how to create a mentoring relationship that focuses on values. link

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Strategies for Successful Student Teaching helps student teachers succeed during their practicum experience. Cooperating teachers also find this text useful in preparing for their role.

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"Strategies for Successful Student Teaching: A Guide to Student Teaching, The Job Search, and Your First Classroom" provides a reflective, practical, framework for undergraduates or graduate students completing a practicum in a school. Use with clinical supervisors and in practicum seminars to create a common language and accountability for student teachers. To purchase a copy of this book,
visit myPEARSONstore.

If you are a higher education professor
and would like to learn more about this book
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please contact your Pearson Rep
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Massachusetts Teacher Preparation Programs
may request an examination copy of this book or
place orders by emailing their Pearson Representative
Susannah Becherer at
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Final Journey CoverThis free PDF e-Guide will help you use the Strategies book effectively.
It includes informative videos, reflective prompts, and practical ideas
for enhancing the practicum experience. The completion of the reflections in each chapter can document your professional learning and serve as evidence for your university supervisor.
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FinalPT CoverThe free PDF e-Guide will help you adapt the content in the Strategies
book to meet your needs. The videos, prompts, and ideas can be used to enhance your practicum as well as evidence for your teacher evaluation.
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