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Welcome to Mentoring in Action!

The Mentoring in Action Team is a group of dedicated teacher leaders who offer expertise and resources in the spirit of paying it forward to support the success of students. To learn about us click Mentoring in Action Team.

The First Years Matter on this home page offers practical ideas and resources to help your novice teacher be successful. Enjoy the complimentary e-Guide on this page to offer your beginning teachers an easy way to review the book and earn 10 hours of professional training. Link to e-Guide. We also offer a district model to support novice teachers in meeting the required 50 hours of mentoring beyond year one. For a complimentary syllabus click here. Link

For other resources go to Our Offerings or Contact us!

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Thank YOU for supporting your mentors and novice teachers!

The Mentoring in Action Team


Novice Teachers

–Novice Teachers–
Welcome to the teaching profession! Review the videos to see how students,novice teachers and mentors talk about teaching and learning. Click to view videos.


Thank you for being a mentor to a novice teacher! These videos and tools will provide you with practical strategies to enhance your mentoring skills. Click to view videos.

Mentor Trainers

–Mentor Trainers–
Your goal is to design effective qualified mentor training programs. Use these videos and practical tools to prepare and support your mentors. Click to view videos.