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Welcome to Mentoring in Action! This site is dedicated to supporting novice teachers in their first three years of teaching. By preparing qualified mentors with current tools and training materials aligned to state standards, we ensure beginning teachers will be more successful in their classrooms.

The MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE) recently published the revised Mentoring and Induction Guidelines 2015. At seven statewide regional conferences, ESE introduced the guidelines and responded to questions. You can see the guidelines on the ESE website: and view the ESE PowerPoint here: Link to ESE PowerPoint.

Explore the site to find resources that will assist your district in meeting the ESE regulations and suggestions in the guidelines. Check out Project SUCCESS, District Action Plans, the Video Library, and our new mentoring course!

Thank you for contributing to the education of students in our schools by providing their novice teachers with qualified mentors.



Novice Teachers

–Novice Teachers–
Welcome to the teaching profession! Review the videos to see how students,novice teachers and mentors talk about teaching and learning.


Thank you for being a mentor to a novice teacher! These videos and tools will provide you with practical strategies to enhance your mentoring skills.

Mentor Trainers

–Mentor Trainers–
Your goal is to design effective qualified mentor training programs. Use these videos and practical tools to prepare and support your mentors.

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  1. Claire Howe says:

    I was at the Clinton High School Mentoring confectioner. Thank you for your support materials.