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Welcome to Mentoring in Action! Whether you are a novice teacher, a mentor, or a mentor trainer, you will find valuable resources here to support your work in schools. The videos and e-book can be used in induction and mentor training programs. The e-book listed under “books” is a free user guide for Mentoring in Action. It is designed to highlight important features of the book so this tool is used effectively to prepare qualified mentors.

This site is dedicated to supporting novice teachers by preparing qualified mentors. The courses “coming soon” will share ways you can offer programs for “Professional Development” and Graduate Credit” to ensure your mentors are trained for their important role.

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Thank you for visiting this site. Enjoy the resources! –Carol

Novice Teachers

–Novice Teachers–
Welcome to the teaching profession! Review the videos to see how students,novice teachers and mentors talk about teaching and learning.


Thank you for being a mentor to a novice teacher! These videos and tools will provide you with practical strategies to enhance your mentoring skills.

Mentor Trainers

–Mentor Trainers–
Your goal is to design effective qualified mentor training programs. Use these videos and practical tools to prepare and support your mentors.

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  1. Claire Howe says:

    I was at the Clinton High School Mentoring confectioner. Thank you for your support materials.